Internal Rotation Gear Pump (Purposes)

  1. Petroleum Industry: heavy oil, diesel oil,asphalt and all kinds of lubricant.
  2. Food Industry: syrup, molasses fructose juice, salad oil, tomato jam, soybean sauce,chocolate jam, etc.
  3. Dyes: paint, solvent, coating, T.D.I.
  4. Chemistry Industry: glue, paste, detergent, liquid medicine resin, soap, D.O.P.

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Conditions for selection:

  1. Check material property, stickiness, specific gravity, temperature of the liquid to select the speed of rotation, then calculate and choose motor machine. (See curve line figure)
  2. Check liquefaction property of the liquid to choose pump materiaL Mechanical seal or filling can be adopted for use.
  3. Impervious methods of the pump:
    (a) mechanical seal
    (b) filling.

    The former (mechanical seal) is suitable for the liquid with light specific gravity and low concentration that can be operated fast. The latter (filling) is suitable for the liquid with strong liquefaction and high concentration. It depends on the necessity for choice and use.
  4. Mechanical seal has two kinds of methods: Viton and N.B.R. It depends on the necessity for choice and use.
  5. Filling materials:
    (a) 30 % Teflon + 70 % asbestos
    (b) 100% Teflon
    (c) Graphite