Maximum flow:90m³/h 395 GPM
Highest pressure:12 bar 174 PSI
Maximum temperature:150°C
Maximum speed:1750 rpm


  1. Food Industry : Honey、Syrup、Juice、Jam、Cooking oil、Ketchup、Chocolate…..
  2. Dairy Industry : Cream、Cheeses s Yogurt、Condensed milk、Dressing…..
  3. Biotech Industry: Shampoo、Body Wash、Toothpaste、Hair spray、Cosmetic、Pharmacy…..

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Design and Feature

  1. Horizontal
  2. Vertical
  3. Bare-shaft construction
  4. Hygienic design of the attachment of the rotors, Butterfly rotor(standard)
  5. Pump designed according to USA 3A standard.
  6. Sanitary mechanical seal, internal assembly
  7. Connections: Clamp(standard)
  8. Easy cleaning and maintenance
  9. Applied to CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization
  10. High efficiency、Low noise、Reversible

Operating principles

Delivering the certain amount of liquids, which in elude the special features of high consistency、high viscosity、contains crystal pellet,lower rotation speed 、 high pressure 、 no bubbles. The machine parts will not wear because the rotary impeller does not contact with each other which meets the requirement of food sanitation inspection。


Pump casing : AISI 316L Lost Wax Casting
O-RING : EPDM desingned accoring to FDA 177.2600

Mechanical seal(standard): SIC/SIC/EPDM
Inner surface process : RA ≤ 0.6 μm

Outside surface finishing : mirror polishing