1. High efficiency: The efficiency of KUO-MIN BHB Pumps are higher than conventional horizontal volute pumps and ensures the running costs savings. At the same rated capacity, the efficiency will be in proportion to its stages and head.
  2. Simple operation With a non-reverse ratchet mechanism installed and no priming necessary in startup, its operation can be remote controlled and well-suited for fire-fighting purpose.
  3. Minimal installation space is required: Vertical motor is installed above the discharge base. Floor space is required much smaller than that of horizontal pumps.
  4. Freedom of suction head:Atypical horizontal pump’s suction head is within 9 meters. But a HTS’s impeller is submerged in water, thus its suction head will not be limited.
  5. Minimum variation on the brake horsepower:No matter the changing of capacity is, the brake horsepower curve varies smoothly.
  6. Easy maintenance: easy maintenance, durability, high efficiency, energy saving and low operating cost

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Deep-well irrigation used.
Factory water supply.
Firefighting used.
Air condition circulation water used.
Pressurize used.
Flood control works / fishing pound used.


The HTS vertical muiti-stages centrifugal pump consists of impeller sets, column pipe sets,discharge elbow and motor sets.

  1. Strainer:Made of stainless. Pevent small solid block inside the impeller.
  2. Suction bell:Suction base is made in the shape of bell to prevent friction.
  3. Impeller base:Design in the shape of canal to gain the highest efficiency.
  4. Impeller: Close mixed-flow impeller. The impeller is processed precisely to match with the pump case closely All impellers are dynamic and static balanced, working steady.
  5. Pump shaft :Made of stainless: SUS 410/304/316, and processed precisely.
  6. Column:Made of carbon steel. There’re flanges on the two sides to connect other accessories. The length of the column adjusts by the deepth of the well.
  7. Retainer: additional steady bearing housing while the columns are too long.To prevent the interval between the pump shaft and the head shaft is too far.To maintain working steady.
  8. Elbow:Design precisely to reduce the waste of efficiency. The frame is strong enough to support the motor from the top and column w/pump cases from the bottom.