Total Head:120 meters
Capacity:22 /min.
Power:1200 HP

Features:Back-pull-out disign. End suction, centerline discharge. Two feet and pump case are a body formation, and located under the canterline. To form a steady base.

Application:High rise water supply, heating equipment water supply, firefighting water supply, hot kerosine transmission, chemical liquid transmission, general industrial applications, sewage treatment,agricultural irrigation, civil engineering used.

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BS type pump pumping and discharging the liquid that their physcial or chemical properties-like water. It suits using in factory, firefighting ,or heating equipment,and sewage treatment, general industrial applications used, High-rise water supply or discharge, and agricultural irrigation used.


  1. Back-pull-out design. No need to take off entrance and discharge pipes while disassembling the pump case and the impeller. Discharge of pump located on centerline.
  2. There’re 2 heavy duty ball bearings inside the bearing house, lubricated by oil or grease. The impeller is driven through the flexible couplings by motor directly.
  3. The pump case , two feet, entrance flange ,and discharge flange are casting in a body formation. Pump case-cast iron, shaft-carbon sleeve, stuffing box-soft gland packing or mechanical seal, shaft sleeve- stainless, foot bridge-cast iron and support bearing house.
  4. Seal designed by using liquids . General water- mechanical seal – chemical double mechanical seals. Both purposes are ensure liquid inside w/o leakage.
  5. Closed impeller design provide high properties and head. All impellers are  dymatic and static balanced. The impeller blades are designed specially or additional balance holes to reduce the thrust from the shaft.
  6. The pump is simple construction, high-duty, small size, light weight, high head, save electrical cost, convenient using and simple maintenance.


  1. Clockwise rotation when view from the driver end.
  2. After 1,000 working hours or first month, User should refill the oil or grease in the bearing cover in every 2,000 hours.
  3. The gland packing shouldn’t press too tight or loose while pump working. 60 drop/min should be the highest standard.
  4. Ensure filled liquid inside the pump case before starting the pump. It will cause the damage of seals or components.